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Using off-brand, clunky presentation
that your team are constantly
fiddling with,
and 'breaking' brand rules?
We’ll fix that with
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tools that you’ll actually
want to use
every day.

Your brand matters to us.

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You won’t be passed from pillar to post.

All our projects are curated by a single person who learns your needs intimately. From the initial consultation, to the final delivery of the presentation, you’ll deal with one person, removing the frustration of the typical agency production line.

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15 August 2019
5 Things to definitely do during a presentation
Cut through all the confusing online advice: make sure you DEFINITELY do these five simple things whenever giving a presentation. There is loads of advice out there about what you should and shouldn’t do when standing up to give a presentation. We should know, we’ve contributed a lot of it ourselves. Many of the online […]
9 August 2019
Presentation Speaker Notes – Getting them right
How your presentation speaker notes can be both your best friend and your worst enemy.   “I’ll be fine. I’ll read from my speaker notes.”    Is that you? Have you ever uttered that to yourself when preparing for an important presentation? How did that tactic work out for you? Not great, we’re guessing.   […]
26 July 2019
Client Presentations: How to pitch like a pro
Here are four things to seriously consider before pitching a presentation to a potential client.   The point of a presentation is to persuade people. You might be delivering a keynote speech about your company’s latest project, or sharing with your school class what you’ve discovered about dinosaurs; it really doesn’t matter. What does matter […]
18 July 2019
PowerPoint dating is now a thing
Friends are giving PowerPoint presentations about other single friends in hopes of securing them a date.    A few months back we wrote about the hopeful romantic who created a Tinder dating profile in the style of a PowerPoint slide deck. That creative chap caused quite a stir. Although it might not have led to […]
15 July 2019
F5 Presentations use PowerPoint to make something very un-PowerPoint-y
We were asked by a client to create a video for Instagram that would match their passion and energy. So we did… in our own unique way.   Manchester-based Jolie Studio were looking for innovative designers and interior architects to join them and wanted to promote the vacancies in the most dynamic way possible.   […]
10 July 2019
Job Interview Presentation: how to nail it and win that job
If you’ve been asked to prepare a presentation for a job interview, you’re not alone. An increasing amount of employers are asking applicants to deliver a PowerPoint presentation explaining why they should be hired.   We can certainly understand why. With increasing competition for jobs, business owners and managers want to ensure they are hiring […]