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every day.

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All our projects are curated by a single person who learns your needs intimately. From the initial consultation, to the final delivery of the presentation, you’ll deal with one person, removing the frustration of the typical agency production line.

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20 May 2019
5 Places to find Free Images for your Presentation
You might have written brilliant content, and you might even have used an outsourced PowerPoint agency for your slide design, but what about images? Getting the perfect image for your presentation can be hard, especially for those of us without camera and graphic design skills.   The solution? Get your images from a free online […]
10 May 2019
5 PowerPoint tasks to Outsource
Creating an engaging and effective PowerPoint presentation takes lots of time, skill, and energy.   If you’ve decided that your company boasts members who are more than capable of fulfilling your PowerPoint needs, good on you. However, even with an in-house presentation squad there are certain PowerPoint jobs that take more time and talent than […]
3 May 2019
What to wear for your presentation
Here’s something you might not get from a typical PowerPoint design agency… advice about what to wear for a presentation.   Of course we’d all benefit from a world where people judge us on what we do and say, not how we appear. However, the thing about humans is that we take everything in about […]
25 April 2019
Five things to avoid when making a speech
Here at F5 Presentations we spend a lot of time and energy helping people to create awesome PowerPoint slides. However, as we’ve said time and time again, it isn’t your laptop making the presentation, it’s you.   There are many things you can do to improve your performance and boost your confidence when speaking publicly. […]
18 April 2019
What to consider when Outsourcing your PowerPoint design needs
So you’ve decided to outsource your PowerPoint design needs. Fair play to you. But what do you need to think about before you even start meeting with potential PowerPoint design agencies? Here are five things you need to consider.   The outcome   Essentially, what is it you’re trying to achieve? Think big picture, weeks […]
12 April 2019
Presenting with confidence
It’s easy, right? Just stand up there and picture all your audience naked. There, done; you now have presenting confidence. Article over.   Unfortunately that is the worst bit of advice that we have ever received, and only served to make me feel a bit sick when presenting to a board of very old men. […]